Maps By Trusnetix Web APIs

Using these Web APIs, you can access all the Maps By Trusnetix tools and services. You can use these to access information about your account, get data and much more.

Our APIs are divided into four services: Distance Matrix, Boundaries, Names Search and Routes. You will find individual pages on all of these services in this documentation.


Here is a brief overview of the four services:

  1. Distance Matrix: The Distance Matrix API will return the distance between an origin location and multiple destination locations.
  2. Boundaries: The Boundaries API will help you determine whether a given location is within a predefined polygon of area. Consider a city which has been defined as the area within the polygon, then if the location entered is within the area of the city, the API will respond true and the API will respond false if the given coordinates is outside the area polygon.
  3. Names Search: Names Search is divided into two parts: Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding. Geocoding allows you to get the coordinates of a location from its name while Reverse Geocoding lets you get the name of a location from its coordinates.
  4. Routes: The Routes API will return the distances between a series of origin locations and destination locations. For example, if you have entered the coordinates of three locations, you will receive the distances between each of the pairs of locations.

Reading this documentation

The API endpoints in this documentation are described using the following parts:

  • HTTP methods: GET & POST.
  • Trusnetix API base path: which goes before the endpint path.
  • API endpoint path: For example, /search/geo/<api_key>/<search_text>.
  • Parameters: These are included in the query, likecoordinates and apiKey. These are almost always required.
  • cURL examples: Every API endpoint description is followed by an example in the cURL format. This makes it very easy for you to adapt it to your code. All you need to do is make a HTTP request to that endpoint as shown in the example.

Access Tokens/API Keys

Accessing all of the services through the API endpoints requires you to have an API Key. This key will connect the requests with your account. You need to provide the valid key in the apiKey parameter of your request.

You can get an Access/API Key from your account Dashboard, where you can create and manage multiple keys for all of your endpoints. Just go to Credentials and click on the + button.

Rate Limits

Each Maps By Trusnetix service is equipped with a rate limiter which will come into effect when you have exceeded the number of requests allowed. On exceeding the rate limit, you will receive a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response from the API and your request will be throttled.

The following are the rate limits for our services:

APIDefault coordinates per requestDefault requests per minute
Distance Matrix625 coordinates per request100 requests per minute
BoundariesN/A60 requests per minute
Names SearchN/A1000 requests per minute
Routes25 coordinates per request500 requests per minute